Specialty Labels

Trridev Labelss MFG Company is manufacturing a wide range of supreme quality polycarbonate labels. These are fabricated for branding and advertising purpose. In addition to this, the said offerings aid the customer in differentiating different types of items and products. As the name suggests, our offered products are made from polycarbonate material which is extremely durable and hard in quality. Polycarbonate labels are ideal for warning instructions, identification, environmental advice etc. These are accessible in diverse sizes, shapes, designs, colours and styles. Our offered products are easy to engrave or stick on the product. These are resistant to water, tear, moisture etc.
Our company is known for making different kinds of optimum quality asset tracking labels. These are designed for tampering, item swapping, spotting evidence of deter theft and more. In addition to this, the said products reduce manual documentation and prevent rebranding. Our offerings are said to be good method for tracking physical assets. These are appreciated for minimizing stolen assets and misplacing assets. Asset tracking labels can be found in diverse industries for improving the lifecycle planning of an equipment. These are also ideal for monitoring the access and usage of the equipment by the employee. Can be availed in different sizes and shapes.
We are engaged in fabricating a large variety of superior quality smartphone camera labels. These are affixed to the cameras of smartphones, laptops and tablets for the security and protection purpose. In addition to this, the said products keep the data secured and safe. Our offerings are ideal for restricted areas, highly secured government institutions, software development centres, defence manufacturing, research labs etc. Smartphone camera labels are accustomed with holographic technology. These can be used on any commodity or product. Our offered items are crafted for brand promotion and bran authentication. The offered offerings have effectiveness, longevity and strong adhesion.
You can redeem premium quality wire and cable flags here at Trridev Labelss MFG Company. These are utilized for identification purpose. In addition to this, the said products make it convenient to know the location of other end of wire or cable. Our offerings are attributed with self-lamination, heat shrink, anti-corrosiveness and longevity. These are utilized by network installers and electrician technicians. Wire and cable flags can identify the length and type. These are best suitable for marking and labelling wire & cables with information. Our offerings are available in different appealing colours like red, blue, green, yellow and white.

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